Behind the Scenes of Little Warblers June 17, 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorized

When expectant friends ask me what it’s like to be a parent I’m always unsure as to how to sum it all up. I’m still fairly new at this parenting gig and I find myself reflecting on the past two years – from the joy of seeing my two sons for the first time; seeing my wonderful husband really come into his own and sharing his passions with our boys; to our utter exhaustion and the torture of sleep deprivation; realising ‘routine’ is now the most dominant thing in our lives; and the frustration of watching my toddler throw his dinner piece by piece onto the floor.

But the truth is being a parent is the most wonderful and life-altering experience I have been through. I wouldn’t change anything and in fact I’m quite looking forward to adding another addition to our current two at some point. If you ask any of my childhood friends growing up I always looked forward to the part of my life where I would have a husband and seven sons. I had all the names picked out and written down. Although I think seven may now be a stretch, much to the relief of my husband, all of my childhood dreaming paid off when I met and fell in love with my English husband while here on a work secondment. In a whirlwind romance we were married within a year and it wasn’t long before I was pregnant with our first son, Austin. Three months after Austin was born we were pregnant with our second son, Harvey.

As if having two boys 12 months apart wasn’t enough to keep me busy, it was during this time I decided to start a company as well. The name Little Warblers came to me as I watched Austin in our garden attempting to communicate to our resident pigeons, who we’ve named Wilma & Fred. Call us nerds and fans of Spring Watch, but our family has a love of birds (in an earlier life my husband was a bird warden for the National Trust) and the Warbler’s are a favourite.

15 months on from launching Little Warblers I am ever grateful to the many customers and encouragement I have received so far and I look forward to continuing to share with you my journey as mum, wife and mumprenuer.

Christy x