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Yes! We are based in Hertfordshire in the UK. All parcels delivered to you will be from within the UK.
The majority of prams / strollers / buggies in the UK have a 5 point harness system. This means there are two straps that come over the child’s shoulders, a strap each side of the child’s waist and a buckle the comes up between the legs. These straps can be unthreaded through the buckles and then threaded back through the pram liner.
The length of the pram liner is 88cm which then fits the majority of all pram / trolley / buggy lengths.

Yes! This is the wonderful and unique thing about Bambella Designs products. They are created to fit whatever pram or car seat you own. This is because the general structure of a pram or car seat is fundamentally the same the same harness system.

Yes! All of our products are machine washable and come with care instructions.
We recommend hanging your product out to dry rather than tumble dry.
The Bambella Designs pram liners have a layer of water absorbent PUL sewn into the liner. This is the same product used for modern day cloth nappies so if your child spills any liquid it protects your pram and is very convenient when toilet training.
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We are very friendly and happy to answer as many questions as you need to know answers for.