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Moses Basket / Carry Cot Liner

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The Bambella Designs Moses Basket / Carry Cot Liner is a universal padded liner that adds comfort and style to your baby’s moses basket or pushchair carry cot. A carry cot on a pushchair is a lot more comfortable for young babies up to 6 months as they lie flat on a firm surface. A padded liner is a great way to keep your carry cot and moses basket clean and as the liner is machine washable its quick to wash.

Size: 70 x 32cm

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% cotton breathable fabric
  • 300 gram density inlay for padding and comfort
  • Universal
  • Suitable for use in pushchair carry cots and in moses baskets
  • Personalise your baby’s carry cot or basket by adding colour and style
  • Fully machine washable and line dry is recommended
  • Helps to keep your carry cot or basket clean from mess and spills common with new babies