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Seat Accessories - Car Seat Protector

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The car seat accessories range designed by Bambella Designs includes the car seat protector – a universal design that keeps the car seat, booster seat or pram clean and free from mess. It is designed to absorb moisture which is perfect for when toilet training toddlers and for collecting any spills when travelling in the car.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% cotton breathable fabric
  • Absorbent inlay to keep your car seat, booster seat or pram dry
  • Universal
  • Its easy to use design means there is no need to remove the car seat to attach the protector
  • As well as being practical the car seat accessories range by Bambella Designs personalises your toddlers car seat or pram by adding colour and style
  • Gentle machine washable and line dry is recommended
  • Helps to keep your car seat clean from mess and spills common with babies and toddlers